Task 1 – Oral communication

The dialogue below describes a situation where the customers is offended of the services of the organisation a how the customers care executive can retain the customer by meeting the demands.

Customer Care Executive: Welcome ma’am, how may I help you?

Customer: Hello, I was supposed to have a delivery tomorrow for which I have taken a leave from my workspace but the same. But I am very disappointed as the delivery never came

Customer Care Executive: Ma’am can I know the booking number and the name in which the booking was made?

Customer: The booking number is GKLB52186 and the booking is mane in the name of miss ABC.

Customer Care Executive: Ma’am firstly we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. But Ma’am according to our database there is some problem in the address provided to us that have resulted in failure of the delivery.

Customer: How is that possible this is the same address on which I have received a number of other deliveries without any fail? I think you are just avoiding your fault, which is very shameful according to me

Customer Care Executive: Ma’am I would request you to please give us a chance. We are not ignoring the fact that there was a failure on our part, just placing the reason of that failure.

Customer: I am not interested in the reason and just want my delivery. But I think you are not interested in providing me the same so I think I would cancel the order.

Customer Care Executive: Ma’am we are a company that is solely dependent on the satisfaction of the customers as you yourself has realised in the past experiences. I would request you to give us another chance to meet your requirement

Customer: I am a bit unsure as to how to trust you anymore as I had trusted you and taken a leave just to be present for the delivery. But not only you failed to deliver the product but you did not inform me about the failure.

Customer Care Executive: Ma’am I can understand your point but still assure you that we will try our level best to meet the requirements. I suggest that you provide us your office address as the delivery address. This will negate your need to take a leave for the delivery at the same time reduces the chance of failure on our part.

Customer: Can you assure me that this time I will get my ordered product on time?

Customer Care Executive: I can assure you there will be utmost initiative on our part to satisfy your need.

Customer: Ok I will change the delivery address from the online application of order placed.

Task 3 – Communication in writing


Ms ------------ (name)





Mr ------- (Name)


Date: 15/ 01/ 2017


Sub: Application for the post of Team-Leader in (___) Company

Dear Mr (name),

This letter is in reference to the advertisement regarding appointment for the post of team leader in (_____) Company. I can assure that I am the best suited candidate for the post as my qualification, expertise and experience match those required for the post

My experience as a team leader is varied. As the team leader I have the experience of ensuring proper training and the skills to the team members. In my current organisation I am responsible for the allocation of specific task to the team members based on their expertise and supporting them to achieve the organisational goals. I have paid utmost importance to the collaboration and the cooperation among the team members and their useful suggestions in deciding the organisational process.

I possess the capability of communicating the most important guidelines to the team members to design the actual process that will ensure a higher standard of productivity. I can also handle the diverse and complex demands of the customers.

I consider myself an ideal leader and the best candidate for the post of team leader in your esteemed organisation. I would be obliged if the opportunity is given to me.

Thanking you

Yours faith fully,





Miss (___)


Phone: (______)

(Email Id)



Nearly 5 years of experience as a team leader and leading various successful teams. Having the experience of dealing with many challenging customers and enhancing the productivity of the organisation

- Highly respected in the team owing to a superb motivational and management skills

- Consider the contribution of the team members as highly important

- Highlights the strengths of the team members and supports the weakness


Ensuring higher standard of productivity and enhanced participation from the team members in achieving the organisational goals.


company London, 2013 – present

Achievements in the organisation

- Motivated the team members in the achievement of the organisational goals

- Analysed the skills and expertise of the team members before allocating the responsibilities

- Evaluated the policies and the programmes used in the team

- Designed the solutions that enhance the productivity


- MBA in human resource management

- Graduate in business administration.


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