• Dissertation Topic (if necessary)
  • Outline
  • First Half
  • Final


  • Dissertation Topic (if necessary)
  • Outline
  • First Half
  • Final


  • Dissertation Topic (if necessary)
  • Outline
  • First Half
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Analysis of Findings/li>
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • Final

Totally Customized

  • Dissertation Topic (if necessary)
  • Outline
  • Delivery of your Dissertation in up to 10 Drafts
  • More on request

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  • • 21-day amendments
  • • Dissertation topic and plan
  • • Abstract or executive summary
  • • 3 parts delivery plan
  • • Contents page
  • • Graphs, charts, or images
  • • Statistical analysis
  • • Specific models and sources

Chargeable Extras

  • • 21-day amendments
  • • Maximum 10 drafts
  • • Maximum 4 months amendment
  • • Appendices
  • • Help for primary research
  • • Presentation and reflection

How does it work?

When your payment is received, Assignmentor confirms the date of delivery and books your writer. You can know the progress of your work and give feedback anytime. You have options for upgrading your delivery plan of the dissertation by adding more drafts, arranging delivery in chapters, requesting an update, and more. Payment can be made using PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, or making a deposit in our account. You have the option of paying in installments. Writers start working on paper when the payment is made. You’ll get your dissertation before the deadline. We offer you what others do not; you will get 21 days for amendment of your dissertation. For the first half of the work, you will get seven days. For the second half, you’ll get another 14 days, all for free. You get the time to make sure that things fit your requirements. You can get some more time for a small amount of additional charge.

Assignmentor never republishes or resells its client’s paper. It is included in Assignmentor’s 10 guarantees.
Assignmentor retains the copyright of the work to ensure that the work is never resold by the student or the student does not break the rule of the university. The paper Assignmentor prepare for you are only for research and study purpose. You can use the work in other places only by referencing it and citing it properly. Please view our recommended use policy for getting the best out of our paper.
THE UK universities require you to submit the completed work only, and the works need to be completed by only the students. As long as you have the work Assignmentor provide you, you can submit the work according to the recommended use policy.
Assignmentor is open, honest, and transparent; and it takes pride of that. The trust of our customers in us proves that we are quality oriented. If you submit one of our ready papers other than what we prepare for only you, this will be a breach of our copyright and the rule of your university. We know that most of our clients need direction for essay and reports. We know that the students do not want the paper to be done by others for them, but they also want to get a good grade and earn the degree which is impossible without the proper guidance. We are aware that our papers are open to abuse, and plagiarism is a major issue in this case. We will, however, not allow it to impair the interest of the majority who are honest.
Assignmentor takes pride of confidentiality. Your work will remain 100% original, confidential, and will not be provided to any other third party. In addition to that, we never disclose any of your personal details which many other companies do. However, Assignmentor will not be responsible for the disclosure of any personal information provided in your materials or attachments. Therefore, please remove the personal details that you don’t want to disclose from the attachments
All of the custom written orders we provide contain the reference list or the bibliography that is a compulsory part of your report in most of the times. However, we cannot provide you with the referenced materials because doing so will be a direct breach of the copyright law. However, you can have access to those materials by searching them on Google or simply using the URLs if the URL permits you to view the documents and the materials.
There are many companies which claim to be based in THE UK, but they are operating from abroad. This means that you will not be protected by THE UK consumer law. Some of the companies hire people from outside of THE UK (especially, ESL (English as a second language) as writers. This means you’re not going to get a quality work in most of the cases. As a THE UK registered company, we ensure you that you are protected by THE UK consumer law. IN addition to that, Assignmentor hires only the top THE UK-educated writers. This is why; you can stay confident that we are the best in the industry. To ensure that each customer is 100% pleased with our service, we offer our 10-point guarantee. This is, along with the consumer law of the UK, ensures that you get the best service from only us.
Absolutely not! What we provide are the model answers and study aid. If you can sue them responsibly, it will be a great assistance for you. You are suggested to use them as powerful study tools such as the journals, books, and reports. It is something more than being your own work; it is the assistance you need to advance in your career and academic life.
Of course, every service from Assignmentor is 100% legal and you are secure with your transaction with us.

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