Being the premier academic writing service in the UK, Assignmentor ensures that the clients get the first-class service. People in this organization believe that the clients are entitled to the value for which they pay. Our people believe that each and every penny of revenue should be earned by sincerity and diligence. At, we communicate with our clients from the beginning to the end. We are always open for communication and suggestions. Our employees are always committed to go an extra-mile for our clients. If you have any query, our Customer Service Team is available for you from 8 in the morning to 11 at night in days from Monday to Friday and 10am-6pm on weekends.

Assignmentor’s Writer Relations Team is doing its job for more than 20 years. This team also works as the bridge between the clients and the writers. This team works rigorously to ensure that the writers do their best in serving the interests of the clients. In recruiting the writers, this team follows only one thing; only quality and commitment can earn an offer for a place.

At Assignmentor, quality is the highest concern for everyone. There is a team that checks for quality (content, formatting, referencing, plagiarism etc.) for every paper. However, our concept of quality is different from the others. We believe that if each and everyone in the organization does his/her best, quality is automatically ensured. Therefore, we ensure that every unit of our organization works at its best.

It is very unlikely that you’ll be dissatisfied with the paper. However, in case that you need to complain, we have an active team to listen to you and respond immediately. The team will assess your complaint and work accordingly to make sure that you are pleased with the outcome.

Assignmentor’s IT Team is rich in both technical and service knowledge and principles which help it use the technology to maximize the customer’s satisfaction. We have one of the finest IT teams in the industry which will ensure the real-time working experience, best possible organization of information, zero breakdowns, and other necessary backups needed to maximize your satisfaction with our service.

If you’re not willing to compromise your career by flawed papers, put your trust on us. As a business, we make profit; but there are lot of businesses where we could invest our money and time. This is more than a business, more than making profit for us. If we can be a part of your career and your happy future, that will be our ultimate success which we take pride of.

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