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Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs

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Executive Summary

Every human needs communication to live in society and understand the rules and practices of society. This assignment is prepared based on communication which is required for specific human needs. In task one in this report, as a healthcare worker, I try to understand the needs of communication by presenting the importance of communication in the aspect of the healthcare centre. We also discuss the nature and features of communication in this report by identifying different communication methods. Finally, we try to present and monitor the needs of contact for individuals.



Among different types of fundamental essentials, communication is one of the most essentials of human life. When a specific person can communicate effectively and precisely, his career will be brighter than other people. Without proper and effective communication, the individual cannot get the peak of success. There are different types of communication methods that are used to communicate with others. Among different communication methods, the healthcare service provider agreed with the communication method to communicate effectively.  


1.1 Communication needs that are important for an individual

Every person in this dynamic world needs to communicate with other people to expose their thoughts, emotions, feelings about their personal life, student life, and career life. Much important information and direction that may be essential for an individual’s personal and professional life can be improved by effective individual communication. People can support various sources to remove their communication problem and qualify them to present themselves successfully. When a specific person can communicate effectively and precisely, his career will be brighter than other people. There are many communication methods in this world; people can choose any communication method independently to communicate with others from among communication methods because people have the right to prefer their style and method (Aliki., 2013). In the UK, communication is considered a fundamental human right. When an individual faces any difficulties in the time of contact, the fundamental human right is broken. The human right act 1998 states that every individual can express themselves independently. 

1.2 Own role and practice that have an impact on individual’s communication 

Every person pursues rules, beliefs, and practices that may affect working rules and employees employed as a healthcare worker. Every healthcare worker should provide healthcare service to users equally, and the healthcare worker’s own beliefs and practices cannot affect their role. The healthcare workers cannot enact their laws and ideas on healthcare service because imposing their code and ethics on healthcare service is considered against standards, and organisational healthcare workers will use policies. A person who engages himself as a healthcare worker should always be equipped to analyse and adjust the needs for communication of everyone’s attention (Bovée, Thill and Schatzman, 2014). The way which healthcare workers will use may assist or obstruct service users. As a healthcare worker, I use a communication way that represents I am careful and unbiased about service users. As a healthcare worker, I always give the speaking opportunity, and I should not interrupt when speaking. As a healthcare worker, I always try to respond to service users clearly and precisely to not be confused.

1.3 Discussion of the environmental features that are considered as a hindrance or helpful for communication  

The features of the environment that are related to communication may hinder or help the overall communication process. The positive communication features are considered helpful elements of communication; conversely, negative communication features are regarded as unhelpful communication elements. Some aspects which may hinder the communication are mentioned below:

Poor lighting: if a person stays on the dark side in the conference hall, he will not see his or her supervisor. So we can say that poor lighting is one of the biggest hindrances to proper communication (Business communication, 2013).

Background noise: the sound which arises from TV, Radio, Traffic and other sources are called background noise. The audience of any seminar cannot concentrate appropriately on the workshop due to background noise.

 Insufficient distance: if there is a long distance between worker and supervisor, the worker will not hear the supervisor’s instruction. The workers may make mistakes due to a lack of a proper communication environment because of short distance. So we can say that short distance is another hindrance to effective communication (Cartwright, 2012).

1.4 Analysing of the reasons why individual using the non-language form communication form

An individual may use an informal form of communication to physically, mentally, and sensory disable. 

Learning disabilities: Most rural people communicate without using formal language, sign, and symbols. These rural people share with others using their facial expression, character and behaviour. The service providers use objects of reference, multimedia, and communication passports for those people who have not any knowledge of the formal language (Communication, 2011). 

Mental health: we cannot communicate easily with such types of mentally ill people by using a formal communication system. In order to share with people having mental and health problems, the service providers use the informal form of communication. 

Sensory disability: To communicate with people who are sensory disabled, the service provider uses an informal form of communication method. The service provider uses various signs, symbols, and references, which are considered informal communication methods for a sensory disabled person. 

1.5 Identification of the communication methods and aids that will support individual to communicate with others

Many communication methods support the individual to communicate with others (Guffey and Loewy, 2010). The most valuable and popular communication method that is used by different types of people are mentioned and discussed below:

Communication charts and books: A communication can be effective and supportive when the speaker uses different types of charts and handbooks which contain various symbols, photos and words. The individual can easily understand the subjective and objective matter of communication when a speaker uses different types of communication charts and handbooks (Hartley and Bruckmann, 2012). 

Word and symbol: Word and character are popularly used in communication to communicate with other people. The speaker uses various expressions and symbols to speak to different kinds of physically disabled people, such as the hearing disabled.

Human aids: The speaker uses many human aids in communication as an interpreter, translators who help such people from a different language. 

Sign language: Sign language is another method of communication. Sign language is used in communication to help people with a hearing disability or who are completely deaf.  

Braille: The most popular communication method is braille used to support blind people (Miller, 2013).

1.6 Discussion of the effects of individual who have not met their communication needs

The individual who cannot meet his or her communication needs may face physical and emotional problems. The individual will become more depressed, frustrated and isolated when the individual cannot meet his or her essential communication needs freely. Every person carries some emotions that may be rapidly reduced when they cannot meet their communication needs; thus, they will become frustrated and isolated. The individual may lose their self-esteem and motivation for his or her job due to unmet communication needs. The behaviour of individuals who cannot meet their communication needs may change slowly due to their frustration and depression. The people who lose their hearing or sight because of an accident are more frustrated and isolated because they cannot adjust themselves to any community. The people who do not get any support to communicate with others are more indifferent to others. As human beings, if we repudiate individuals who cannot meet their communication needs, we will be liable to society and nation due to derogate human rights (Guffey and Loewy, 2010). 


2.1 Identification of the specific needs of communication of individual through a working partnership with others  

In order to identify individual-specific communication needs by questioning them what action would be applied to achieve the best outcome, I would work in partnership with individuals and other people as a service provider. In order to ensure abiding rules and laws by related parties, I would conduct a regular assessment involving people. As a service provider, I would motivate and encourage them to use various strategic plans to communicate effectively. I would try to measure information and data gathered from my colleagues, family members, and friends related to the client to identify specific communication needs (Pathi, 2013).       

2.2 Identification of the best communication methods for individual 

As a healthcare worker, I would try to contribute myself to aid communication needs of my clients by using the following ways:

Cultural needs: Different people in this world maintain and practice different cultures. Some people claim and practise dietary needs, and some are holding their norms and cultures. I would try to provide health and hygiene services to such people who have maintained specific nutritional requirements. For example, I suggest that they should not take sugar who have diabetes (Personal communication, 2011).

Religious needs:  Some people in this world have firmly maintained their religious rules and regulations. When I provide service to religious-minded people, I will try to honour their religion and faith. I also try to offer the opportunity to practice their religious work in my working place.

Body language: I would try to contribute to aid the communication needs of my clients by understanding the body language of my clients. As a healthcare worker, I can work with different types of people who help me understand several gestures and indications by which I can understand other people’s moods and emotions.

Staff meeting: The service user may get benefits and support about their communication needs from different reports about service users (Rai and Rai, 2013).

2.3 Explanation of the method and time of accessing information and support to identify specific communication needs

As a healthcare worker, I would try to make an assessment plan before arriving at the individual in my service centre. I understand individuals’ specific communication needs considering all aspects of their situation by preparing an assessment plan. When an individual is staying with us, we try to complete our service plan and support them. In order to access information and support required for specific communication needs, I would try to talk to particular people and their families related to the service. In order to access information and support necessary for precise communication needs, the service provider ensures that hearing aids, picture cards, pen and paper are available in the service centre (Rayudu, 2010)


3.1 Preparation of environment that facilitates communication for individual

A good environment is required for effective communication. Therefore, a service provider must ensure a good environment to communicate with others effectively. A business organisation or service provider can prepare a good environment to facilitate communication by following ways:

Consistency: Both parties of communication must use a consistent method of communication to communicate with each other. Maintaining a constant communication method is essential for effective communication. 

Signing system: The communication parties must practice the signing system in the written communication process. This signing system will make trustworthiness to related parties of the communication and create effective communication (Rosner, Halcrow and Levins, 2011). 

Language level: The speaker should use such words and language that assist the listeners in understanding the subjective matter of the communication. Irrelevant and slang language may bother listeners, and the transmission will not be effective. 

Question: The listeners and speaker must know when they ask a close and open inquiry to each other. I do not have such ability; the communication environment will be haphazard, leading to ineffective communication.

Face to face: To make effective communication, the listeners and speakers should sit at face to face level. Without face to facesitting, the proper environment for effective communication is being created (Smith, 2014).

3.2 Discussion of the usefulness of the agreed methods of communication to interact with other communication methods

As a healthcare worker, I would always try to use agreed methods of communication to communicate with other people who have unique ways of communication. Different people have a foreign language that is used to share with others. When the speaker and listener use different languages to communicate, the service provider should use the agreed communication method to communicate effectively. For example, if a client cannot know the English language, the service provider tries to use such ways that clients can understand. The service provider can use his hand and eye to establish communication with those who do not know the English language. As a health care worker, I can use different graphics, pictures and visual presentations for those who are deaf to make a successful communication. To interact with other people who have other methods of communicating effectively, the communication coordinator can set agreed communication rules for individuals who have different ways of communication to communicate effectively (Thill and Bovée, 2011).

3.3 Checking the effectiveness of communication to monitor responses of individual 

Every work and task must be monitored by the authority to justify the effectiveness of the study or job. Like other works, responses from individuals must be monitored by the communication coordinator to justify the effectiveness of the communication. The communication coordinator can explain the point of the contact by measuring individual responses by asking a different question before and after the interaction. If an individual can answer a question correctly that the communication coordinator asks, the communication will be effective. On the other hand, the failure of responses of individuals represents the ineffectiveness of communication. Thus, the communication coordinator can create a constructive framework to communicate effectively (Aliki., 2013).

3.4 Discussion of how to adapt own practice to improve communication  

We have to communicate with different types of people in the world every day. When we share with different types of clients or people, we should adjust our practices that are helpful for effective communication. When service users use different communication styles, as healthcare workers, we should adapt our communication style. We have considered two matters to adjust our practice with other people who use different communication styles. Firstly we should identify our communication practice then think about how to adapt ourselves to another class. The individual should adapt their practice of communication in changing situations and occasions. Time and place are considered essential elements of communication. All types of speech or story may not be suitable for all classes. For example, you cannot make a joke that is insulting to your friend in your office and office time. In a business organisation, the individual should adapt himself to the environment of the business organisation to make effective business communication. Formality is another essential element of communication because, in informal places, the individual should maintain formality due to check to misunderstand (Bovée, Thill and Schatzman, 2014).


4.1 Developing of the used communication method through proved support to individual  

In communication, both parties (sender and receiver) must understand each other to communicate effectively. Without mutual understanding among related parties, effective and fruitful communication is impossible. The related parties of the communication can understand each other easily by developing communication methods. As a healthcare worker, I always try to support people to establish effective communication methods to make successful communication with my clients by understanding themselves and their communication style. As a healthcare worker, I always try to advise my clients to understand themselves to support them to develop communication methods. After understanding clients, I set my communication method to use formal or informal communication methods (Business communication, 2013). 

4.2 Creating opportunities to make communication with others for individual

To make effective and successful communication, the communication coordinator should allow individuals to communicate with others and clients. Without equal opportunity, compelling and successful communication is impossible. In order to share with others effectively and successfully, the communication coordinator should provide all technical tools related to communication to service users. Suppose an individual gets the opportunity to communicate with others. In that case, the individual will be more expert and experienced in making effective communication essential for personal life, student life and career life. As a healthcare worker, I allow an individual to go outside to communicate with general people and the public. When individuals go outside, such as a coffee shop, shopping mall, they will have more opportunities to communicate with others. The individual will become more social and interactive when they get more opportunity to share with general people (Cartwright, 2012). 

4.3 Providing support to the individual to understand and interpret communication of individual 

Understanding and accurate interpretation are required to make effective communication with another individual. Without experience and precise performance, the individual cannot make successful and effective communication. If an individual cannot understand and interpret the subjective matter of communication correctly, there will be misunderstandings among different parties related to communication. As a healthcare worker, I would try to support and assist others in understanding and interpreting subjective communication matters to communicate effectively. The individual can get support to understand and interpret accurately by reading and following the service plan of users. When a service user gets more information and data about a subjective matter of the communication, the service user can understand and interpret quickly and accurately (Communication, 2011). 

4.4 Providing support to others to understand others using agreed communication methods 

As a healthcare worker, I would always try to use agreed methods of communication to communicate with other people who have unique ways of communication. For example, different people have a foreign language that is used to share with others. When the speaker and listener are using different languages to communicate, the service provider should use the agreed communication method to communicate effectively. I always try to support others to understand individuals using agreed methods of communication to make effective communication. Without an approved communication method, the individual cannot understand other people because other people may use different communication methods and styles.


5.1 Identification of the communication technology specialist service 

The speech therapist, occupational therapist, doctors and hospital are considered specialists of services regarding healthcare service relating to communication technology. In this world there have many types of equipment that is used as communication aids are mentioned and discussed below:

Talking photo albums: Talking photo albums are the equipment that is used to record the time for each message. Talking photo albums helps the individual by providing independent staying opportunities (Guffey and Loewy, 2010). In addition, the individual uses talking photo albums to save and access important contact, remember crucial information and data, which are helpful for effective communication.

Listen to me: Listen to me is the one type of electronic device that an individual can easily carry at any place. The individual can store data, essential information and photos while listening to my machine.  When the individual presses in to listen to my device, the individual will get a short message from listening to my device about information and data. 

Light writer: Light writer is such device that is considered as text to speech devices. Dumb people use the light writer device to communicate with other people. For example, the dumb people type a message on a light writer device that is displayed the typing message to another party of the communication (Hartley and Bruckmann, 2012).

Go talk: Go talk is another device that is used to communicate with others. Ingo talk devices, some sentences are readily stored, such as “Thank You”. That readily stored sentence in go talk is used individually to make communication.

5.2 Discussion types of the support that is required for an individual to use technology and aids of communication 

Using technology aids such as computers, software, picture charts, an individual can get support to communicate with people effectively. The individual can communicate technology aids according to their communication methods and preferences to communicate effectively. The communication technology aids such as computers, picture charts and are used to solve any kinds of communication problems by individuals. The individual can enrol in any training courses to effectively use communication technology (Miller, 2013). 

5.3 Importance of proper and correct set up of communication equipment

As a healthcare worker, I think that the healthcare centre should set up communication equipment perfectly to ensure proper health and safety service for service users at all times. The healthcare authority should hire expert people to install communication equipment to ensure uninterrupted and qualified health and safety service users. The healthcare authority must organise a training session for staff and workers who will operate the equipment to operate the new communication equipment. The communication equipment will be used and maintained correctly to ensure effective communication. As a healthcare worker, I should always follow the instructions provided by the communication equipment manufacturer (Pathi, 2013).


6.1 Collation and providing support to individual for communication

As a healthcare worker, I think collating and managing the information related to health and safety services is very important because by collating and managing data, an individual expresses himself adequately. The healthcare authority should record all healthcare workers’ information and service quality to use in the future. The healthcare authority must collect and record all information about healthcare service provided by a healthcare worker to mobilise healthcare service. In order to provide support and make effective communication, the healthcare authority should keep up-to-date information about the benefit of healthcare (Personal communication, 2011).

6.2 Evaluation of the effectiveness of agreed methods that used to communicate and providing support

We previously discussed that without an agreed communication method, effective communication is impossible. As healthcare workers, we always try to use approved communication methods to communicate with different people. The agreed communication method helps us to understand another party easily (Rayudu, 2010).   

6.3 Identification of the ways to support continuous communication development

The healthcare authority should collect and collate information about the overall healthcare service to monitor the comprehensive communication system to justify the communication system’s effectiveness. The healthcare authority can collate and gather information about overall healthcare service by conducting research and from other sources. As healthcare workers, we often need to communicate with other people to develop communication. Without personal and professional respect for others, effective communication is impossible because effective communication depends on trust and good verbal and listening skills (Rosner, Halcrow and Levins, 2011). 



In every aspect of human life, communication is mandatory because, without communication, people cannot lead their lives. To understand people’s needs and demands, people try to establish effective communication. The own rules and practices that are pursued by the people have effects on communication. The communication process may be hindered due to many factors which are related to the communication environment. There are different communication methods, but people should use agreed communication methods to communicate with others. Finally, I can understand individual communication needs and the importance of communication correctly by preparing this assignment.










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