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What is Dissertation Proposal writing?

A dissertation proposal shapes what and how you plan to write your dissertation based on a targeted research question. Here, you will cover everything from the first steps you took to tackle your research question, including a discussion between your advisor, academic research, and other relevant research. The proposal outlines why you must face and solve the challenge in question and how the dissertation might affect the field you’re interested in.

Importance Of Writing A Good Dissertation Proposal

The ultimate success of getting a dissertation approved depends on this small starting point. You must have a strong dissertation topic so that you can develop your academic career. After all, the final dissertation is worth up to at least 40% of the overall mark in your university degree. 

It is equally as important to be careful with the format and choosing the right topic. 

When you coherently present your ideas and execute the proper methods, your dissertation will be met with high appreciation. But, this is where most students fall short and fail. 

By offering our dissertation proposal writing service, we help students excel and start an incredible journey towards their academic success. 

We do this because we understand how challenging it can get if you are unsure about the proper methodology or how being overwhelmed with work can get in the way of your academic career. But, you don’t have to face them all alone! With our help, you can get a clear idea of how dissertation proposals are written and use our examples as a guide for future dissertation proposals

Why Choose Our Dissertation Proposal Writing Service?

As you might know, writing a dissertation proposal is not as easy as writing a report or an essay. It requires hours of focus, dedication, and uninterrupted creative flow on end, all of which our writers are happy to showcase through their writing. 

Custom Dissertation Proposal Help

Our work guarantees a unique work custom written for you by our expert dissertation proposal writers who have degrees from renowned UK universities. After we've provided you with the essay, you have the opportunity to keep the document under the microscope and scrutinise it. Take the writing apart by sections and analyse how the references were used.

Best Academic Writers

Turning to Assign Mentor for your dissertation proposal writing help to complete your dissertation is one of the many baby steps you will take to start a project. To us, nothing else is more important than quality work and coherence. That's why we house some of the best writers who are proficient in your field.


Now that you know how you can make the most out of Assign Mentor's cheap dissertation proposal writings, crafting your work is going to be a piece of cake.

Quality Assurance

Assign Mentor makes sure that all of your orders go through a rigid checking system. This is done by checking your order against your instructions and academic standards so that everything is in place.

100% Unique And Non-Plagiarised

Not only will you get a unique piece of work from one of our professionals, but your order will also go through our advanced plagiarism software. This is to guarantee that the produced work is not plagiarised. Additionally, your order will be delivered with a detailed plagiarism report!

Free Amendments

Lastly, you have our word when we say that you have a 24 hour amendment period if you are not happy with your work. Then again, if it is a major issue, then we may extend the amendment period. All you would need to do is contact us, and we will resolve the problems.

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What Makes our Custom Dissertation Proposal Services Unique?

Assign Mentor started over 10 years ago, and since then, our team of writers have only grown much stronger. They are a team of professional PhD writers who hold degrees from prestigious universities all over the UK.

Affordable Dissertation Proposal Writing Help UK

Feeling overwhelmed with the format and the content itself can be highly frustrating. The usual length to write for a dissertation proposal is about 10 pages, and if you plan to write a longer dissertation, it may extend to about 20 pages. 

It may seem like a heap load of work, but it does nothing except benefit your academic career.

Every proposal you write opens a window for the world and your supervisor to see how you intend to contribute to your field of choice. You will also receive feedback on how you aim to use some methods to explore your topic and which areas you may be overlooking. We understand the need for affordable dissertation services. That’s why we are offering the best works of our professionals out here for you so that you can relax and use them as your guide for future work. 

Dissertation Proposal Writing Made Simple!

In a nutshell, your dissertation may seem like an intimidating task, but as we mentioned earlier. You can break it down into several manageable sections by tackling the parts individually. When you do that, you will notice that the burden of doing an overwhelmingly complicated task is now simpler and much better quality-wise.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written a dissertation proposal before because all you need to do is order one from us and use it to guide the rest of the dissertation proposals in the near future. Not only will this improve your chances of improving your teacher, but it may also lead to a successful dissertation and help you achieve the grade you desire. 

What you'll get with our Dissertation Proposal Service?

Assignmentor’s experts have the potential to create a customised dissertation proposal that caters to any field of research. You can then carry out your own full-length dissertations or project using our proposals. Here’s a breakdown of what we include in our dissertation proposals:

An Introduction

At the very beginning, the research question is stated. Additionally, it is explained why you have chosen this specific topic and how you intend to answer it. 

Methodology & Setting Aims and Objectives

Our writers will cover this section by explaining how you aim to gather the data and plan to make the most out of it to achieve your desired outcome. Aims and objectives help to create a layout for the entire project.  Crafting a methodology is one of the many important aspects of writing a successful dissertation. It needs to have a proper research method, or else the findings will be tossed off as insubstantial or unreliable by your supervisor. Therefore, you need to have expert help if you haven’t written a dissertation proposal before.

Literature Review

This section vouches for all the evidence you’ve presented to support your research question. Our writers scour the latest academic journals, books and other reputable sources to offer the latest information about the topic in question within your dissertation proposal. A good dissertation proposal includes:

The reader should feel as if you know well enough about your research question to make a positive change in the world once it has been approved. 

Our custom and affordable dissertation proposal services make sure that your topic question is thoroughly researched and written so that you can get your desired grade. v


Questions & Answers About Dissertation Proposal Writing: FAQ

We have gathered some most sought-after questions from our customers regarding our academic writing services here for you. If you have more questions, please feel free to knock us and we’ll love to hear what you have to say.

Why Should I Stick To Your Dissertation Writing Services And Not The Others?

We have been providing the best dissertation writing services to UK students for more than a decade now. If you want to get help with your dissertation proposal writing, look no further. Our top-notch academic writers will look into your requirement, gather necessary data through in-depth research and make sure you are satisfied with the result. We use premium plagiarism checkers to ensure it passes the Turnitin test without any obligation. Besides, through comprehensive proofreading and editing, we fix any grammatical errors that it may have.  

What Kinds Of Academic Writing Do You Provide Besides Dissertation Proposal Writing Help?

We are an expert academic writing help agency. Our highly skilled writers have expertise in multiple levels of writing regardless of modules and courses. Moreover, we have niche-specific writers in our in-house team, and we only assign specific writers for your specific courses and needs. As a result, you get the best academic writing help from the top performer of our team knowledgeable with your courses and topics. That being said, we offer essay, assignment, reflective report, dissertation, presentation, HND assignment, coursework, sample paper, and many other writing services at affordable prices. 

Can You Please Help Me With My Dissertation Writing As I Want To Write My Own But Looking For A Little Help?

We will gladly help you write your dissertation or any other academic assignment, essay, report, coursework etc., if you want us to do so. Besides, we devise our academic writing service to enable the students to get a clear idea about the process and write their own without any major problems.

Do You Re-Sell My Academic Paper?

We are a UK-registered company practising the best customer service and ensuring the utmost privacy. We do not resell, share, or even reuse your academic paper for any purposes. Your document is safe with us, and we never rewrite, republish, or reuse any part of it. 

How Qualified Are Your Dissertation Proposal Writers?

We hire our academic writers through some rigorous quality checking tests and certifications. To be an entry-level writer of Assign Mentor, you must complete your graduation degree from any reputed institution in the UK. To be a full-time writer, you must have a post-graduation degree with publications and adequate writing experience. So, none of our writers, as well as our proofreaders, are from any typical background. It’s always the very best of the best. And this way, we make sure your academic writing needs are fully met, including your dissertation proposal writing. 

Are You Available 24/7?

Our office staff can assist you during the standard office hours; however, you can communicate with us through online media like WhatsApp, email, and even phone call 24/7/365. We have dedicated customer service professionals, and they will guide you through the whole process if you are not sure what you need and how to do it.

Are Your Services Ethical?

By ethical, we mean our services are to help students in need and in that sense, we are righteous in every way. We do not encourage or promote complete dependency on our online dissertation proposal writing help service or similar academic services. Rather, we devise our action plans in a way that enables students to learn how to write any academic essays, assignment, dissertation, and others. As a result, they can write their academic paper where our assistance works as a sample. We offer assistance; if you want to buy them, we won’t be any good. 

How Much Do Your Services Charge?

Our online assignment help services have custom pricing plans, and so we encourage discussion with our customer representatives directly. Besides, you can calculate the price by using our price calculator to get an estimation. However, we offer the best and most affordable academic writing services for any academic essay, assignment, dissertation, coursework, reflective report, dissertation proposal, essay outline, presentation, and many others. We offer discount coupons regularly, and you can get one whenever you want. 

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