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M046004 Business Environment

Executive Summary Business needs to be done within the environment. In that case, no business can avoid the stakeholders and the environmental impact. Therefore, before doing a business, people need to understand the background of the company.  The first thing to be discussed in this report is the basic structure, types, and business environment. In […]


M046003 Introduction to Marketing

Introduction The present world of the business market is very competitive. Businesses need to be innovative to win demands. So they plan different marketing techniques by understanding the market through market research. In the unit, Virgin Atlantic Airways was used to describe various situations of marketing. Virgin Atlantic Airways is a UK based global airline […]


M046003 Business environment

Introduction For analysis and case study, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Age UK will be used in the unit. Both the organisations are highly reputed and based in the UK. Virgin Atlantic Airlines is an airline business, and Age UK is an organisation working to better older people. Age UK is the largest charity in the […]


M046002 BTEC National: Understanding Retailing

Introduction Retailing organisations sell products and services to the ultimate users or consumers. The retail industry is enormously influential in the UK economy because approximately 2.5 million people are employed in this sector. However, the contribution of the wholesaler is decreasing in the hand of some major retailers of the country(Berman and Evans, 2007). In […]


M046002 BTEC National: Supporting Business

Introduction Effective and efficient support from the functional areas of an organisation is crucial for its growth and development in the competitive business environment. The tasks performed as a part of supporting roles is the basis for action in management positions. I have selected Tesco PLC and RSPCA to evaluate various supporting roles as required […]


M046002 BTEC National: Introduction to Marketing

Introduction Marketing is considered the heart of achieving success by an organisation in the present world. Consequently, the importance of marketing is proliferating in every sector(Bevan, 2010). In this paper, I will discuss different aspects of marketing techniques and tools. I have selected Tesco PLC and Apple Inc. to illustrate practical implementations of marketing techniques […]


M046002 BTEC National: Business Communication

Introduction This paper is about business information and communication in Tesco PLC. As collection and management of information and effective communication are the keys to success for any organisation in this current world, the company makes great effort in this area(Tesco plc, 2016). The proper management of information collected from internal and external sources ensures […]


M046001 Understanding Retailing

Introduction According to Varley and Rafiq (2004), Retailing refers to the types of business in which the company directly contacts customers to sell goods and services. The retail industry is significantly contributing to the economy of the UK. This assignment describes the retail business structure, the process and methods of the retail distribution channel, and […]


M046001 Supporting Business Activities

Introduction The writer is working as the junior journalist of a newspaper. The writer’s role is to produce an article demonstrating the importance of providing effective and efficient support for an organisation. In this assignment, the writer has utilised his skill and knowledge to carry out tasks to support business activities.   1. Know the […]


M046001 Introduction to Marketing

Introduction In the complex business environment, marketing is the heart of the business, and its importance is increasing in the public, non-commercial, private and charitable sectors. The writer is working as the professional marketer of an organisation in the United Kingdom. The writer has to produce a report by describing, comparing and assessing the marketing […]

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