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The Principles of the Prevention & Control of Infection

1.1 Describe employees’ responsibilities & roles in the infection prevention & control The workforces of an organisation can play a significant role in preventing and controlling infection in the workplace. Every organisation has some strategies and procedures to counteract and control infectious diseases in the workplace. Employees’ responsibility is to stick with these policies and […]

Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs

Executive Summary Every human needs communication to live in society and understand the rules and practices of society. This assignment is prepared based on communication which is required for specific human needs. In task one in this report, as a healthcare worker, I try to understand the needs of communication by presenting the importance of […]

Support Individuals To Access And Use Services and Facilities

1.1 Benefit to identify self-esteem and personal development from accessing community services and facilities. An individual can be primarily benefited by accessing community services and facilities. It can be discussed from a different point of view. Benefits along with views are discussed below-    A leisure centre to exercise is a great place for physical […]

Move and Position Individual

1.1 Outlining the human body’s anatomy and physiology concerning the essence of correct positioning and moving of the individuals  In order to make the correct movement of human body parts, first of all, we need to know the limitations of our limbs. If we push them beyond their capacity, it may hurt the human body. […]

Individuals with Dementia Diversity and Inclusion Importance

Introduction Diversity refers to the fact that every person has different nature and characteristics, making him unique, but it tells that no discriminatory treatment should be made based on this.  Anti-discriminatory practise and anti-oppressive practice are annihilating any types of unjust practice.  Individuals with different characteristics have different needs and expectations.  The task of health […]

Health Care and Social Aspects of Dementia Patient

1. Explaining the influence of major legislations that relate to the fulfilment of rights and choices and, therefore, lessening the risk of a dementia patient A number of laws were enacted to minimise the risk of harm for any person who has dementia. Major laws include the following- The human rights act 1998: this act […]

Understanding Retailing: A Case Study on Tesco

Executive Summary Selling is an art, and this art is mostly practised in the retail industry, which is one of the major drivers in any economy as it is closer to the people. Therefore, in this report, the retailing industry is the topic that has been chosen. Firstly, the nature of the retail industry and […]

Impact of Internationalisationon Financial Performance: A Case Study on SMEs of UK

Introduction Background of Study Globalisation has forced large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to internationalise their business. This internationalisation process is seen as a diversification strategy to make a business appear in international markets and exploit the market opportunities (Verdier et al., 2014). During recent years, SMEs have experienced significant development in internationalising […]

Organisational Change Management

Introduction In today’s business environment, both the internal and external environment changes frequently. To cope with the internal and external environment changes, organisations frequently have to bring change management to embrace the changes positively and use it as a facilitating device for organisational growth. This report sheds light on different aspects of change management. Apart […]

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