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M046001 Business Resources

Introduction A business resource refers to the degree by which the firm defines its Human, financial, physical factors that deliver an organisation the means to accomplish its business processes. In the first section, the writer has described how to manage the human resource of an organisation. The second part defines the purpose of managing physical […]


M046001 Business Environment

Introduction The writer is working as the junior journalist of a local newspaper. In this unit, the writer has written an article on business covering the following areas.  The objective of this assignment is to gather fundamental knowledge of the assortment of business organisations. This assignment also focuses on various factors that form the environment […]


M046001 Business Communication

Introduction According to Richards (2010) mentioned that Business communication refers to a range of activities by which an organisation shares information appropriately within and outside of the organisation for the purpose of communicating with stakeholders. The principal objective of this report is to demonstrate how business information is collected and managed. Besides, the writer has […]


Trust Law Assignment

The facts of the problem are: Dora, the testator of the trust, is dead now. In her valid will, she appointed her husband Edwin and Fiona as trustees. She gave all of her estate (which worth £600,000) to them to be held in trust for her husband Edwin for his lifetime and then for her […]

The Management of H&M

Q-1: Evaluating the essential and unique resources and core competencies of H&M through an internal analysis. Answer: in order to accelerate the growth of an organisation, it is essential to know about the strengths and weaknesses of that particular organisation. In order to learn about the strengths and weaknesses, it is necessary to conduct an […]

Management System, A Report on British Petroleum

1. Differences between the Procurement Process of BP and OAP Predominantly, BP requires two types of supplies: operational and administrative. As a global corporation, the company has different purchasing strategies according to its demographic and geographical operations. For example, in Angola, the company uses the Tender or Single Source Award strategy. In contrast, BP uses […]

A Report on Merger and Acquisition

Introduction Nowadays, it is a prevalent scenario that a business organisation often acquires another business organisation or two business organisations merges to one entity. The objective of this merger & acquisition is to strengthen business function to achieve synergistic gain. This report will analyse the acquisition of Unilever’s soy-based beverage business by coca-cola from different […]

Importance, Risk Assessment, and Issues Involving Personal Hygiene

1. Explain why personal hygiene is important  Maintaining personal hygiene is very important for individuals. With increasing levels of education, people are becoming more concerned about personal hygiene issues. Personal hygiene is essential for the following reasons- Ensuring sanitation: personal hygiene ensures proper sanitation of human beings. Modern educated individuals tend to maintain their hygiene […]

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