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Corporate Financial Management

Executive Summary The company collects its capital from the market and tries to increase shareholders’ wealth by providing values through the company’s products or services. In this report, the key discussion is to show whether British Petroleum PLC, our selected company, has provided value to its shareholders successfully or not. In order to see this, […]

Strategic Management of British Airways

Introduction The management of a big company has to deal with many different issues that range from internal to external matters. There are many controllable and uncontrollable elements in the business environment. The business has to deal with all of these, although dealing with the uncontrollable ones is the most difficult part. Strategic management is […]

Strategic Management

Introduction As strategic management paves the way for better capturing the market for a company, it is vital to plan a management strategy for battling in the competitive market of today’s world. A management strategy approach should be chosen in analysing deep into strategic management in the real business world. In strategically managing firms, a […]

Business Environment Analysis on Facebook

1. Introduction Leadership has always been of utmost importance- from the smallest gathering to the largest nation. Business organisations are no different. But from time to time, leadership has been viewed from a different perspective, and there is no accurate way to define leadership. For example, John Maxwell defines leadership as only influence, nothing more […]

A Case Study on British Petroleum

1. Introduction British Petroleum (BP) has a Procurement and Supply Chain Management team for closing deals with the suppliers that maximise the value of the third party. PSCM works with the internal stakeholders to do so. Goods and service acquisitions are made through either one of the two processes – Tender or Single Source Award. […]

Risk Reduction of Aromatherapy of Pregnant and Labouring Women by Midwives

Aromatherapy can be considered a pseudoscientific practice that includes the utilisation of fragrant materials, counting essential oils, and other fragrance-based instruments that are said to enhance health. It could be a complementary treatment that employs basic oils. These oils come from plants, such as herbs and blooms, and they’re exceedingly concentrated. The oil’s scent is […]

The Future Market Perspective Of MGN SMART LED LIGHTING

Introduction The project aims at applying the classroom contents in a real-life or fictitious company that is planning to exploit a niche market segment. Initially, the project plan is delineated. Then the main body of the report is presented. Firstly, the company’s introduction and SWOT and PESTEL analysis have been done on the company. Then, […]

Application of ethical theories, nursing codes, policy and law to the ethical dilemma case study

While healthcare professionals must frequently make ethical decisions, few comprehensive frameworks exist that can be applied directly to most complicated health situations. The following essay explores the ethical issues surrounding a particular recurring event involving physical coercion having to be applied by hospice staff. The essay begins with discussing the dilemma and proceeds to lay […]

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