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Employee Lifecycle

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The assignment describes the essentiality of the employee life cycle showing several facts. This first includes the transition system from education to the employment stage and views the scene to improve employment. The maternity stage describes the difficulty women face during maternity and job difficulties after returning to the workplace. It also includes unemployment and reemployment issues. The outplacement stage states the employee involvement, commitment issues to the organisation. At last, it also describes the retirement and post-paid services of the organisation to its employees.


The transition from education to employment

The transition from education to employment is reluctant from the early stage of the curriculum life to career. Youth is the period where many changes take place from education life to personal life. Many transitions make the young more navigable from education and their training life (Franssen, Carlier, and Benchekroun, 2014). 

The youth stage is more important than developing the youth skills and mentality to go into the labour market. Mainly, the youth stage helps youth people develop the skills needed to transition into the labour market. Youth people will build their skills and expertise as it is essential for entering into the job career.

According to Romano (1995), the Youth Stage is also crucial since more shortcomings are consistent. They have to deal with the challenges they will encounter and fulfil the criteria of confidence in their opportunities. However, the experience in youth life makes them unable to overcome the obstacles. Some factors influence the youth’s life to be effective in employment life, such as different fields, school, media, social services, local community, etc.

However, the most important facts here, how they affect them, mainly depend on the above factors—their motivation, citizenship, inherent and involvement in behaviour depending on the above factors’ standard quality. The school, community, and media make facilities for the youth’s employment facility and routine service.


Source: the flowchart shows the stage of transition from education to employment (self-made).

Education life makes the youth person skill and expertise that helps them to be enabled to enter the job market. Before arriving in employment, energy is needed to be efficient and expertise that will help perform effectively and efficiently.


Maternity and return to work after maternity leave

Maternity right ensures that all employees of the organisation have the right to have 26 more weeks to return to the workplace. However, it should be noted that all the terms and conditions during the maternity life will be the same, or she will be entitled to all other things during the maternity period (Jewell, Gera, and DeRosa, 2016).

Several steps to be taken on hand or will be needed to follow from maternity period to the return into the workplace for an employee because it will help a great return into the workplace that is as follows.

Look good and feel good: It is worth it that it is not good to go outside without the pre-pregnancy cloth. It will cure with a short time that will help to return to employment with a good fit.

Buck the system: think or make a brainstorming about leaving the baby into childcare. It may also help return to the workplace in a shorter time with a good fit.

Ease in: it is also possible to schedule the time with ease in that it describes that one will be in the workplace for half time in a day and the rest time will be done with her baby (Franssen, Carlier and Benchekroun, 2014).

Saying No: saying no is one of the best practices for a mom when she is maternal. Expressing is a term that describes the difficulty at the maternity period that may lead to the potential backwardness for her.  This period of point woman has to bear both her work life and the bay with great enthusiasm. That’s why it has to be the practice of saying no to the difficulty.

Meet with the boss: making a quick schedule for the boss outside of the office if possible. It will enlighten the boss’s mood and emotion during the maternal period to help the women be back with great possibility.

The above steps will make women’s great potential to be back to employment as like previous. As though in the period of maternity leave, she has faced many difficulties, but the above steps will make her possible with great enthusiasm to the workplace.


Unemployment and re-employment

According to Healey (2004), Unemployment refers to the person not having a job being able to do work, looking for the job for several weeks, and currently having the job’s availability. However, it is saying that the person who does not search for a job does not include unemployment.

There may be several reasons for being unemployed for an employee in their life cycle that is as follows.

  • An employee may leave the present job to find a better alternative with a better salary or facilities known as frictional unemployment.
  • Sometimes the demand for the job is higher than the supply of work and vacancies, known as classical unemployment (Romano, 1995).
  • If there is a mismatch of the job seeker’s skills and experience in the job market for a particular job, there may be a reason to be unemployed because of not fulfilling job criteria.
  • Besides, there will always be some people who are out of a job due to different reasons called natural unemployment.

Unemployment may indeed have several reasons, but these are the most favourite reasons for being unemployed. However, aggregate demand for unemployment shows the overall situation of unemployment.



Re-employment refers to the employment of a person after a particular time of being unemployed. A separate department named Re-Employment Service (RES) will provide re-employment service (Jewell, Gera and DeRosa, 2016). The trend of the department is to reappoint the unemployed into employment within the shortest possible time. The online service system has been conducted to graph the employees as they needed to be employed.  Some characteristics that may be needed for Re-employment are as follows.


Source: The graph shows the characteristics needed for reemployment (Self-Made).

According to DEAN and DOWLING (1992), Some new requirements are developed for the RES services in the organisation to be successfully done for the reemployment benefit. The changes that may apply to all reemployment seekers are as follows.

  • The relevant employee will be reluctant to enter into the firm website and fulfil all the criteria to complete applications for the vacancy.
  • Complete an online service orientation and assessment.

Sometimes, an employee’s reemployment is more beneficial for the organisation as the employee does not need long procedural training because most of the time, an experienced employee is re-appointed.


Employee outplacement

The outplacement is the supportive service to the employee that the responsible organisation when he or she is laid off from the workplace, seeks the assistance of the transitions back to the workplace. The consultancy firm provides the service to its fellow employees. This service includes resuming advice, consultancy, training assistance, career advice, assessment guide, and so on.

Outplacement assists the former employee with a lot of guidance to their new career options. It also helps the employee take supportive action to return to the workplace (Leonard, 1996). The outplacement program makes an employee self-confident when she stays outside of the workplace. 

Several things that will assist in getting outplacement right for employees:

Differentiation: an employee may be lagging as she is outside the workplace for a long time. However, the outplacement will help her make it possible to be connected to the work environment to make her more competent in the workplace. 

Appreciate the value: everyone will benefit from the outplacement that will provide a place for each person to share their feelings, and thus, it will help appreciate the value.

Provide the proper support: Employees should have had the right support from the organisation. It will be possible to be back in the workplace within a shorter time since having an employee outside may be costly for the firm.

Advocate and communicate: outplacement helps them have advocated and make a regular communication to the organisation that will be helpful for the employee for a good return (Barnes, 1999). The HR department will be responsible for regular communication to the outplaced employee (Greco, 2011).

Strategic partnerships: how do you know that you are providing the proper support for your staff? The possible will be the strategic outplacement process of different options to the employee.



Retirement is a point of time that indicates the time of stopping the career altogether. They’re also a term semi reducing where an employee reduces her work time. People choose to prevent his or her entire career by selecting pre-retirement activities.

However, according to DEAN and DOWLING (1992), the retirement decision of a person depends on several factors such as age, physical condition, career motivation, financial condition, family concern, pension scheme and so on. Retirement makes it possible for a person to complete her career path.

However, the reason for retirement is mainly influenced by different facts. The physical condition forced a person to shut down the career path for a person. Legislation concerns may cause an end of the career for a temporary period (Retirement, 1994). Some countries restrict the age limit for other employment; it also forces the end of the work-life for eth employees. The family concern may influence a person to shift from one job to another. 

Life expectancy also influences the workplace job age. It depends on the average life expectancy in that country. Some choose to end their careers at 60, 62, 65, or some other period. Though she is physically able to continue her career, it forces her to shut down the carrier.

Most of the time, in developed countries, countries or organisations may help in the old age or at the old age providing the employee retirement facilities such as pension or residence facilities (Leonard, 1996). But in most emerging countries, only family support at the old age rather than that of state support. 

The pension benefit is the right for an employee since it makes security at old age. Therefore, in most developing countries, government staff are getting retirement facilities to support old age.


Post-paid employment

Post-paid employment is like an agreement in which one chooses a plan where the payment is made after the end of a certain period, such as one month or year (Romano, 1995). The majority of the employment is the agreement on a post-payment basis. 

Post-payment improves the integrity, motivation, and involvement in the workplace of an employee. Post payment is made to the workplace to ensure the utmost good faith in an employee’s workplace.  Advance payment makes it difficult to commit to the workplace for the employee due to the lack of utmost good faith.

According to Leonard (1996), Post payment may also cause some problems for both the organisation and employment. Sometimes, there is the potentiality of fraud and error in the amount of salary or bonuses. In most private businesses, employees are not duly paid as they should be, or there may be some error in payment terms and agreements.

 A post-paid model can be developed for making post-payment successive in the organisation. As the post-paid model, the model is a term that money is collected from the clients after the services rendered, such as shopping malls and hotels.



From the transition stage to the retirement stage, an employee faces different problems to regain him or herself. Most of the employees face issues at the maternity stage to cope with the situation. The transition stage makes one fulfil the competition for the labour market. However, unemployment makes it more complex due to the aggregate demand’s adjustment deficiency in the labour supply and demand. At last, retirement drops out an employee outside the workplace, whether in force or in consent with some due facilities or without providing the facilities.













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