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Training unprivileged women and personal Development plan

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1. Summary

The organisation works for the unprivileged women group the societies with low self-esteem and lacks confidence in themselves. The organisation aims to work for the betterment of women, particularly the derived ones. The basic plan is to arrange for training sessions that will train women regarding issues. Therefore, it will boost those women’s confidence level and give them a chance to contribute to society.


2. Aim of the organisation and its recent objectives

The main objective of the organisation can be divided into two segments 1) Primary objective and 2) secondary objective. They have been discussed next. 

2.1  Primary objective

This initiative’s core underlying objective is to boost up the confidence level of unprivileged women in society. Such women lack self-esteem and consider themselves as the burden of the community to some extent. Such women include divorced singles, jobless young women, young ladies who are not doing well in their academic life, single mothers, and the staff. This group comprises a significant portion of the society, yet their contribution to socio-economic development is not to the mark. Therefore, the beauty studio is deemed to involve them in productive activities to feel good enough to work on and add value to society. 

2.2  Secondary objectives

Another subliminal objective behind this venture is to allow women to flourish their skills and contribute to society. More than 50 per cent of the entire population of the country is women. Achieving socio-economic emancipation is not possible without engaging them in productive activities. Although a handsome percentage of women nowadays are working for various companies in various industries. Still, their participation needs to be increased. It is the sheer desire of this beautiful studio to see women pumped up with confidence, having great self-belief in them, and accomplishing their own needs and demands instead of depending on others. Other objectives of this beauty studio are as follow-

  • Ensuring social safety of women- young ladies who lack self-confidence are generally insecure in society. Therefore, the beauty studio attempts to ensure social safety for those ladies. Through providing adequate training and counselling, beauty studios aim at establishing a social stand for these women. 
  • Securing economic emancipation for derived and unprivileged women- apart from ensuring social safety, the venture also strives to connect struggling women’s financial freedom. 
  • Developing skills and expertise of potential women- meanwhile, the beauty studio plans to acquire new skills and build expertise inside these women groups. 
  • Provide psychological assistance to those who need it- getting a better job and career is not enough. As a result, this social initiative also aims to provide psychological aid to mentally challenged women groups. 
2.3  The number of people benefitting from this project

Although this project is yet a tender one, it aims at growing large enough to engage a bulk figure of unfortunate women. The timeline and number of people benefitting from the initiative have been mentioned next. 

The beauty studio aims to maintain the following schedule and people.


Benefitted people

1st two years 


2-5 years 


5-10 years 


3. Outcomes and recent achievements of the organisation

Since the venture is still a new one, the history is not enriched enough. Not a lot of people know about the objective and purpose of the organisation. Instead, in the beginning, it faced a series of challenges from different spheres of people. But it bounced back nicely, overcoming all odds. Some distinct achievements of the beauty studio have been mentioned below. 

  • Reaching over more than 200 women in the first year- as per the timeline, the beauty studio was supposed to reach the milestone of 200 women in the first two years of operation. But the initiative got massive acceptance amid its core target group. A large group of derived, socially challenged young women became attractive to the scheme. Therefore, they began to respond rapidly. 
  • Securing a growth rate of more than 50%, the beauty studio achieved a staggering growth rate of more than 50% during the last year. It encouraged the thinkers to expand the business more aggressively. As a result, beauty studios started exploring avenues for establishing their operations in other big cities. 
  • Achieving the change-maker award of the year- the hard work paid off. Finally, beauty studio earned the national change maker award in 2016 for its contribution to supporting socially and psychologically challenged, economically backward, and mentally depressed women groups. This award is perceived as a symbol of its drive towards excellence and endeavour. 
  • Receiving recognition from the local government- soon after receiving the change-maker award last year, the provincial government also appreciated the venture’s noble effort. Not only that, but a few NGOs also expressed their desire to work on the upcoming projects along with the organisation. Such responses are deemed to be cherished by the top thinkers in the organisation. 


4. Promoting diversity and equal opportunity in the organisation

Since it is an initiative to rise above the difficulties, the organisation is well aware of the discrimination issue. Such discrimination and disparity do not necessarily confine within gender. Socio-cultural diversity and other demographic differences may also increase the chance of bias and partiality in any organisation. Mainly this organisation is determined to take necessary precautions to prevent any sort of mistreatment and bias in the organisation. Soon after its inception in the industry, it has maintained a solid reputation while promoting diversity and equal opportunity for everyone. It undertakes the following steps to ensure diversity and equal workplace opportunity. 

Ensuring diversity and, at the same time, equal opportunity is a bit challenging since these two are paradoxical. Once you attempt to ensure diversity, you cannot provide equal opportunity for everyone. Diversity refers to the inclusion of all sorts of people in the setting irrespective of quality and competence. On the other hand, equal opportunity refers to ensuring and providing similar space to everyone competing over a specific subject. The beauty studio wishes to ensure both through maintaining a balance. For example, while selecting women for training purposes, it asks invitations from all spheres of life. Young ladies tend to apply irrespective of age, income, occupation, education, and other demographic characteristics. Then applicants’ demographic profile is analysed. They are divided into several groups regarding their age, income, employment, education, etc. The selection criteria for each group are the same. Subsequently, it ensures equal opportunity for everyone to prove themselves. After the completion of the selection process, one or more incumbents are selected from each group. This, in turn, ensures workplace diversity inside the organisation. In the end, both variety, as well as equal opportunity, is provided. 


5. Significant changes yet to take place in the organisation

Change is an ongoing process of any given organisation. In a comparatively dynamic workplace, changes are more prominent and quick to take place. On the other hand, in a relatively sluggish environment, changes take place relatively slowly. Nevertheless, changes are apparent sooner or later. The organisation for which I am working is not an exception in this regard. Some significant changes are yet to take place here as well. Such changes have been mentioned next. 

  • Changes in the members’ training schedule- some crucial changes will occur in the members’ existing training schedule. The new training schedule is supposed to be more target-oriented and member-friendly in nature. Some tutorials will be added later on, value-based training modules are to be developed, and so on. 
  • Modification in the venture’s decorum- simultaneously, the change is to be made in its existing etiquette. At present, the organisation runs through an authoritative leadership system. But the management is thinking of improvising participative leadership techniques in the system. Such a leadership method will allow members to participate actively and directly in the decision-making process. They will feel more engaged eventually. 
  • Slight changes in the organisational structure- a small change in the organisational structure will also be made. Apart from providing training, only the organisation will enlarge its vision, stretch it up to giving mental counselling for members, explore new job scopes for candidates, etc. 


6. The work that I am applying for

Right now, I am applying for the position of a junior executive at the respective organisation. This post’s primary job responsibility will be to design a training schedule for members, measure the effectiveness of the training sessions, understand the needs and demands of young women, and attract more young women to deliver services.


7. Need or issue that I am seeking to address

I am trying to address the psychological needs of young women. The groups of women that I am providing training in typically face challenges from various aspects of their lives and are currently experiencing self-esteem, esteem, and confidence levels. Through year-long research and observation, I have found that these women suffer from several psychosomatic diseases such as depression, anxiety, etc. therefore, I am trying to establish a correlation between social problems women face and their resulting psychological pressure upon them. I also desire to come up with an effective solution and psychological treatment for these women groups.


8. Activities that I will undertake to address that need

To identify that need, I will have to follow a set of actions. 

Sourcing socially and economically deprived women groups- my progress will start from sourcing socially and financially denied women in society. These women may be employed or jobless, young or adult, educated or educated. Nevertheless, the core target will be to address them and list them for conducting steps. 

Conducting an in-depth discussion with them to analyse their problems- in the second step, my activity will include working on an in-depth discussion session. Primarily I am planning to talk to them individually. And secondly, I will conduct a group discussion where these women will discuss the problem. Such discussion sessions will allow me to receive valuable insights into their needs and the nature of the issues they face. 

Diagnosing their problems and linking them with the challenges they face- at this stage of the activation process, I will diagnose their problems. The primary intent will be to plot their issues in a familiar genre. I firmly believe that most women face similar problems due to the existing stereotypes prevailing in the socio-economic context. Such challenges start to mount in most of the cases resulting in psychological and mental issues for them. Several women experience mental depression, anxiety, etc., due to the bullying and insecurity in day-to-day life. Therefore, I plan to link those problems to the resulting psychological pressure they experience later on. 

Proposing precise solutions to their problems- I plan to submit definite problems to mentally and socially challenged women groups at this stage. In my case, the proposed solution might be mental counselling, a skill development program, a training course, and so forth. 


9. The rationale for thinking that it will work

I firmly believe that the activities mentioned above will pay off. Since I have worked on a similar project at bridge mental health, I already understand the problem’s nature. Secondly, several surveys and statistics will allow me to undertake decisions based on empirical findings. In-depth interviews, focus group discussions, etc., will provide me with enough knowledge and insight into their problem’. Different journals and articles on women’s mental health will help develop a correlation between social pressure and bullying. Using mathematical models and hypotheses will justify the effectiveness of my activities as well. For example, the stereotype that social problems and resulting psychological pressure are interrelated is purely hypothetical. Hence, I will need to collect adequate evidence to justify this hypothesis. Such a drive will require ample primary and secondary information. 


10. The way I will collect evidence to assess my progress

I plan to depend on field research and other statistics to gather evidence to determine my progress. For this specific purpose, I have developed my operating procedure. The standard operating system that I will maintain has been given below.

  • Task 1: measuring the feedback against the current training course- at this stage, data will be collected from existing members who have already received training on several aspects of beauty care. The score will be measured through some standard criteria such as effectiveness, understanding, practicability, recall, etc. 
  • Task 2: analysing the loopholes of the existing schedule- after collecting feedback on previous training courses, loopholes will be identified. Primary research is needed in this aspect for identifying the core needs of the members. 
  • Task 3: redesigning the training courses- after identifying scopes of improvements, I plan to redesign the training courses for young ladies. Since human needs are dynamic, their requirements from the training course will also change. Therefore, different age groups of women will demand other training criteria and course outlines. As a junior executive there, I need to keep an eye on this issue. 
  • Task 4:By  measuring and calculating the new training courses, measure the courses’ effectiveness after completing the recent studies. Several predetermined criteria will be used in this regard. The same standards that have been used to judge the effectiveness of the previous courses will be used here. 
  • Task 5: comparing the two subsequent training projects against some standard criteria- at this stage, I will compare the two following training projects in parallel to the same established criteria. 
  • Task 6: drawing conclusions based on findings- finally, I will conclude based on results. 

10.1 Data collection methods

To conduct the procedure mentioned above, I will need data and information on existing and new training methods. Proving my evidence will require collecting data from various sources. Initially, I am planning to collect data from the existing field force. Primary data collection techniques such as surveys, observations, focus group discussions, etc., will be used in this regard. For secondary data, previous records will be analysed that might help me justify my argument. Besides, I will assist local and international journals, articles, and publications on women’s psychology, health, and mental state. 

Nevertheless, supporting a bunch of unfortunate women would be the essential purpose of this noble project. In other words, this initiative can be viewed as a social business tool as well. 



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