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A Report on Leading Organisational Equality and Diversity

Executive Summary In today’s competitive world, business needs the best people from different backgrounds to perform extraordinarily. The strategic business decisions are taken and executed by those people having different perspectives. So, there should be a balance in the diverse workforce, and they should all be treated equally to enhance the productivity of an organisation. […]

An Assignment On Risk Management & Risk Assessment

Executive summary In the world of uncertainty, every organisation faces a threat to incur the risk.  To make its position in the competitive world, each and every firm needs to control and keep the level of risk exposure at the minimum acceptable range. And there are different types of risk associated with a business that […]

Financial Decision Making for Managers

Introduction Financial statements are the lens on a business and spell outperformance of the company. Investors, management, employees, customers, suppliers and the government use financial statements to make crucial valid decisions. As a part of assessing published financial statements, we have chosen Next Plc.,a fashion and retailing firm for men, women and children in the […]

Personal Leadership and management development

Executive summary Leadership development is significant for a person to attain a specific goal. This study shows how a person can develop leadership skills to achieve such a goal. It also shows the impact of personal development in leadership and management skills. We can realise the importance of personal development to be a good leader […]

Strategic Marketing

Executive Summary Marketing strategy is a tool or method used frequently in the organisation to get success. It includes competitive advantage, market positioning and links corporate strategy to marketing strategy. It defines a clear concept about the product and customer. The external and internal environment is based on the SWOT analysis, which summarises the company’s […]

Business plan for Diabetic Centre

About the owner The business will be a sole proprietorship business, and Jama Mohamed Warsame will own it. The basic information of the business is given below- Business name: Diabetic Centre Owner(s) name: Jama Mohamed Warsame Business address and postcode: Hargaisa, Somaliland Business telephone: N/A Business email address:  Home address and postcode  Hargaisa Somaliland […]

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