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PEMFC Models’ Short Review

1. Introduction For formulating phenomena set within the cell, a group of sciences like electrochemical, physics, and mechanics intersect in a complex device called Fuel cell (FC). The practical contribution will be to lessen the cost of manufacturing and enhance the reliability and performance of the fuel cell by the proper realisation of these phenomena.  […]

Impact of subsequent legislation and case laws on the operations of housings

Introduction The following assignment is based on the legal impacts on the subsequent legislation. The relevant case studies are worth explaining the effects of housing operations under the housing act. The whole story would be following research regarding the issues and the critical assessments of the impact of subsequent legislation and the case laws on […]

An analysis on Comparison of energy intake with energy expenditure

Data analysis Comparison of energy intake with energy expenditure Energy intake measured against energy expenditure Figure 4.1. Mean value of energy intake vs energy expenditure From the above figure 4.1, the mean energy intake was lower than actual energy expenditure for the first to a third day. On the fourth day, the mean energy was […]

Employee Lifecycle

Introduction The assignment describes the essentiality of the employee life cycle showing several facts. This first includes the transition system from education to the employment stage and views the scene to improve employment. The maternity stage describes the difficulty women face during maternity and job difficulties after returning to the workplace. It also includes unemployment […]

Understanding Travel and Tourism. Module code: UTT03016

Task-01: Accommodation:   Definition Examples  Overview  Accommodation : According to Shanklin (1993), Accommodation refers to the rooms or a group of rooms and buildings where people want or stay for a specified time or live. Hotels Self-catering (holiday cottage) Bed and breakfast  Camping caravanning  Hotels: Uk hotels provide many multi-level services to their clients, both […]

An Introduction to Business and Management: A Case Study on Primark

Executive Summary Doing business needs a lot of expertise, of which one can assess the business situation and use that information in case of the decision-making process. Therefore, the managers of a business must know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organisation to support the effective decision-making process. The report starts with the […]

Training unprivileged women and personal Development plan

1. Summary The organisation works for the unprivileged women group the societies with low self-esteem and lacks confidence in themselves. The organisation aims to work for the betterment of women, particularly the derived ones. The basic plan is to arrange for training sessions that will train women regarding issues. Therefore, it will boost those women’s […]

Physical and Mental Health Effects of Shiftwork

Introduction For continuous income opportunities, occupational engagement is a must. Due to changing business landscape and work-related conditions, many employees work in shifts to keep the business processes running. Consequently, employees might have to work during days or nights, depending on the nature of the work they do. Gerber et al. (2010) stated that employees […]

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